9 May 2021

A selection of 10 Preludes & Fugues from J S Bach’s magisterial keyboard collection, Das Wohltemperirte Clavier

John Irving – Piano

Complementing MiNM’s first ‘virtual’ lockdown concert in summer 2020, John Irving has recorded a programme that cuts across both books of that mighty ‘Old Testament’ of the keyboard literature, and mixes both major and minor keys. In this selection, we have the opportunity to experience some of Bach’s more extended fugues (for instance F minor, Book 1 and F sharp minor, Book 2 – the latter of which involves three different fugue subjects, all of which combine towards the end); and also to compare and contrast his treatment of the same keys (F minor and F sharp minor) in each of the two Books (1722/3 and 1743/4). this time it was possible to record in the sanctuary of New Malden Methodist Church – a step closer to what we hope will be a return to music-making in front of a live audience very soon!

Prelude & Fugue in:

G major, Bk2 BWV884

F sharp minor, Bk1 BWV859

D minor, Bk2 BWV875

F minor, Bk2 BWV881

E flat major, Bk2 BWV876

F sharp minor, Bk2 BWV883

E major, Bk2 BWV878

F minor, Bk1 BWV857

G minor, Bk1 BWV861

F major, Bk2 BWV880

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