May and June concerts

Once again, we were treated to an exceptional programme of rarely-heard masterpieces from the Court of Louis XIV: LES OMBRES SACRÉES performed by talented students from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama Cantata Ensemble, directed by James Johnstone (seen below at the harpsichord): making their fourth visit to MiNM. Proceeds from today’s concert to Blue Dragon Childrens’ Charity.




We gathered lots of very positive feedback at today’s concert – which we’ll upload to the website soon – for all of which, many thanks indeed! This is already giving us lots of ideas for what our audience would like to see included in TENTH ANNIVERSARY SEASON of Music in New Malden next year!


Just one more concert to go this season on Sunday 11 June as ever at 3pm, followed by Tea & Cake – and, please note, this is a change to the advertised programme:


Piano Music from the Salon of Gottfried van Swieten

John Irving (fortepiano)

Diplomat, Court Librarian, Freemason, patron of the arts and avid collector of works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Baron Gottfried van Swieten (1733-1803) was one of the key figures in the musical life of Vienna at the end of the 18th century. His influence ranged far and wide, and extended to patronage of all three of the Viennese ‘greats’: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, whose solo piano sonatas form one axis of this programme. Swieten was also an assiduous collector of Bach manuscripts, and especially fugues (including the famous ’48 Preludes and Fugues’ and The Art of Fugue). He famously loaned his manuscript of the ‘48’ to Mozart, who arranged several of them for string quartet; he particularly admired Beethoven’s playing of Bach and never let the young virtuoso leave one of his salons without performing at least one Bach fugue.

John’s programme on 11 June contains works by all four composers, performed on a copy of a Viennese fortepiano from the 1790s (precisely the kind of instrument played in van Swieten’s musical salons), and including perhaps the crowning jewel of Bach’s Art of Fugue, an extended triple fugue (Contrapunctus 8).

So, come along if you can and take a listen to some of the most sublime music ever composed. Whoever is living in 10 Downing Street by 11 June, Music in New Malden will still be here, delivering professional music for local people right here in New Malden High Street!





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